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Business Continuity

You will have a plan for continuing to operate your business in the event that something denies you access to your IT, data and / or premises. If you don’t, we can help.

One of the services we are able to offer is to guide you through the process of considering how your business would continue to operate following an event that stopped you from accessing your data, systems, and /or premises. Can you afford to keep a duplicate set of offices and terminals on standby 24/7 ready to be used if denied access to your regular base? No, neither can we – but we can suggest and implement alternatives which serve the same purpose and allow you to continue with your Business IT uninterrupted. We are able to reconfigure virtual networks as required and establish new connections for data, voice and video, initiate the restoration of backed up data and assist with your business recovery. By working with you to formulate an administrative programme, supporting you at a time of crisis management, overseeing and implementing business data recovery we can work through IT disaster recovery in the shortest time possible.

Our Solutions for Business Continuity



We all know the importance of backing up your data. In business this is essential. Our solutions will always include comprehensive back-up of all your precious data and, crucially, ensure that it is not just backed up but is contemporaneously recorded and available to other platforms as required.

Disaster Recovery

A fire. A deliberate cyber attack. A disgruntled employee. An accident. The means by which your business could be corrupted are innumerable. We can’t protect your stock but we can protect your supply chain, your customer database, your order history or any other data based part of your operation.

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